Why choose Solkor?

We build all our designs. They are simple, stunning and most importantly, designed around you. We feel the only way to make sure it’s perfect is to do it ourselves. To keep your design authentic, we will never build another.

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10+ Years in the Bow Valley

We've specialized in residential landscape design and building for the past 10+ years, and we're incredibly proud of the team we've built to make it happen.

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Daily Updates

We work to ensure your peace of mind throughout the entire design and build process. You'll stay informed no matter where you are through our daily text or email updates. 

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On-Time Delivery

We're proud of our planning process. In fact, it might just be equally beautiful as the landscapes we design. We work tirelessly to deliver a great finished product – on time.


We only have one requirement of you...

Simply put, that is trust. Without trust between you and our landscape design and build team, you won't be happy – and neither will we.

We ensure trust by spending time understanding your project, creating a detailed design (including a 3D model), and developing a full project planning package.

It all starts with a FREE consultation. Talk to us today.