Hiring a Landscaping Company? Here are five big things to avoid.

Hiring a Landscaping Company? Here are five big things to avoid.

Selecting the right landscaping company for your landscape project can be a daunting task. To help guide you through this decision, we’ve outlined the five most common red flags that people can easily overlook as they consider their different landscape options.

Whether it is a simple backyard refresh, or a full landscape design and construction project, avoiding these things can help to ensure that your dream is executed to the highest possible standard, while providing you with a positive experience throughout the process.

High Performance Decks need High Performance Builders.

Solkor is your one and only TrexPro for Canmore.

Solkor is proud to be a TrexPro certified installer. Are you considering a composite deck for your home? Here's why you should make sure you hire a certified installer. 

From the Trex Website


We’ve pre-screened and hand selected the very best professional contractors and installers as part of our TrexPro® Platform. These contractors have completed installation and product training on all Trex products and successfully meet requirements to obtain the TrexPro designation and are experienced with Trex and its exponential possibilities. From mixing colors of decking to custom inlays, curved railing to benches, privacy walls, and more, Trex can do it. And, Trex does its best in the hands of our TrexPros.

With a TrexPro, you can be sure you have a partner that:

  • Is categorized as either TrexPro Platinum, TrexPro Gold or TrexPro according to customer feedback and performance

  • TrexPro Platinum builders have earned the highest level of recognition available, and have demonstrated ability and expertise to design and build outdoor living projects with Trex

  • TrexPro Gold builders have achieved advanced product and installation training and make up a select group of talented and dedicated professionals experienced with using Trex products

  • TrexPros are experienced with all Trex products and offer talented insight on the jobsite

  • Has completed product training on all Trex products and has had a project inspected and approved by Trex for proper installation prior to being designated a TrexPro

  • Offers special insight into the nuances of working with Trex

  • Has a contractor's license

  • Carries general liability insurance as required by the state(s) in which he or she build

To learn more about the advantages of a Trex deck Click Here

When you are ready to invest in a deck that will last a lifetime, rest easy knowing the installation will be done to maximize the longevity of your investment.

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Contracts for Custom Home Builds and Renovations.

Choosing a contract format can be confusing when considering a renovation or home build. Your relationship with your contractor should help guide you on which format you feel most comfortable with.

A Construction Contract is a signed agreement between a builder or renovator, and their client. The contract outlines all items specific to the project, such as scheduling, sub trade agreements, payment formats, risk assumption, etc.

There are generally 4 styles of contract used for renovations and custom home builds.

 Fixed Price Contract (Quoted)

In this contract, there is one fixed price for all quoted items agreed upon, this would be paid to the contractor directly on a predetermined schedule. This style is ideal when there is a very clear scope of work and defined schedule. This contract may often include incentives for early completion, or penalties for late completion.

This contract places more risk on the contractor for project uncertainties and unforeseen costs, and they will generally include a percentage over and above in order to compensate for carrying that risk. This percentage is often unknown to the client. 

Cost Plus Management Fee

In this contract, the homeowner pays all project related costs. The homeowner can either pay the contractor for project costs, or they can pay the vendors directly, the contractor will then be paid an agreed upon percentage of the costs by the homeowner as a management fee.

This contract leaves the risk of uncertainties and unforeseen costs with the homeowner, however the contractors profits and very clear to the owner, and if there are minimal unforeseen projects costs this may be the beast deal for the homeowner. 

Fixed Price Management Fee

In this contract, the homeowner pays all projects related costs. The homeowner can either pay the contractor for project costs, or they can pay the vendors directly. The contractor will be paid a management fee separate to costs, generally that would be a fixed amount, paid monthly for management services.

Time and Material

Time and Material contracts are the preferred arrangement when scope of work and schedule is unclear. The contractor and homeowner will agree upon a defined hourly rate and payment structure.