2020 Canmore and Calgary Design Trends

Adapted from Techno-Bloc, February 9, 2020.

New year, new looks. As we get into the 2020 landscaping season, we’re looking into the season and projecting what the 2020 design trends will be. There’s a lot of innovation in what we’re seeing in Calgary and Canmore landscapes and we thought this would be a great time to share some ideas and inspiration for you own landscape.

1. Personalize your outdoor space 

First trend on the list is custom designs. Going into 2020, people are creating their own looks, mixing and matching patterns, textures and colorus. More people are thinking out of the box in 2020 and daring to create unique styles in their outdoor spaces. Can’t decide between 2 pavers, or 3 patio slabs? Why not mix them. Play around with combinations until one catches your eye. There are no rules when it comes to landscape design, everything goes.

2. Natural is in! 

Another trend this year is the au natural look. People are gravitating towards natural concrete pavers and patio slabs in 2020. We’re predicting that our faux-bois slabs and stone lookalike slabs will be flying off the shelves this year. Natural stones can be hard to maintain, especially in harsh climates, which is why concrete stone lookalikes can be an easier option for homeowners. Natural stones means natural colors, which is why we will see a rise in earth tones on the market this year. Natural colors that mix well with the surrounding decor are key going into 2020.

3. 2020 is bringing the indoors out! 

If there’s one trend that everyone agrees on, it’s that we should all be bringing the indoors out. More people are considering their exterior as an extension of their interior. Creating a comfortable outdoor space for you and your loved ones is a trend that everyone can get behind. From outdoor kitchens, fire pits and fire places, to comfortable seating areas, homeowners are trying to recreate the comfort and style of their interior in their backyards. Create an outdoor space that you and your loved ones won’t want to leave! The key elements here are comfort, style and functionality.

4. Lights here, lights there, lights everywhere! 

Lights are in, everyone! String lights, lights in pavers, lights in retaining walls, lights everywhere! Good lighting can make any outdoor space fun and charming, while highlighting points of interest, whether it be your patio, your walkway, or your impressive retaining walls. Lights are also a great way to make your outdoor space safer for you and your guests by highlighting walking areas once the sun goes down. Ask your contractor to add some lights to your driveway, patio, outdoor steps or walkway. Create a starry night feel that’ll set you property a part from the rest!

5. Less is more in 2020! 

Minimalism is here to stay! Grey, earth tones, minimalist designs are all on track to be big 2020 trends. Homeowners are putting bright colors and loud patterns aside and making room for classic and more timeless designs. This trend also covers remodeling. People want to revamp their outdoor spaces quickly and efficiently. Homeowner’s are also looking for low-maintenance outdoor spaces which is another reason why minimalism is gaining in popularity. You can create a comfortable and stylish outdoor space without all the frills. Cover the basics: an outdoor feature for you and your loved ones to gather around, either a fire pit or an outdoor kitchen, complement it with a seating area and your good to go! It doesn’t take much to create a space for you and your family to enjoy!

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